1. mark horst “glimpses no. 17” 30” x 40” oil on canvas. 2014

  2. mark horst “invitation no. 8” oil on canvas. 30” x 30” 2014

  3. mark horst “glimpses no. 15 [second state]” oil on canvas. 30” x 40”

  4. mark horst “glimpses no. 15 [first state]” oil on canvas. 30” x 40”

  5. mark horst “study for injambakkam no. 4” 22” x 30” ink and gesso on paper. 

  6. mark horst “injambakaam no. 2” oil on canvas. 30” x 30”

  7. mark horst “injambakkam no. 1” oil on canvas. 30” x 30”

  8. mark horst “glimpses no. 15” acrylic, gesso + pencil on paper. 22” x 30”

  9. mark horst “isabel” 22” x 30” conte on paper. 2014

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    Each week at Saatchi Art, we visit the studio of one of our artists. We check out their studio, take a peek inside their sketchbooks and, best of all, learn more about what inspires them. Read on and discover exciting new details about this week’s featured artist, Mark Horst.

  11. mark horst “what have I become? no. 7” oil on canvas, 18” x 18”. 2011


  12. "Putting two of the same faces next to one another is a reminder of some incompleteness in the image and in our looking. I think most of what we see of the world and of one another are “glimpses;” something fast and fleeting and incomplete. If you watch people in museums looking at paintings, it seems that we hardly look at all. Even the paintings that appeal to us get a little pause and then we’re on to the next. The double portraits say, “Look some more.”"
  13. charcoal and whitewash. railroad corridor north of Aspen off of 5th St. Albuquerque NW

  14. mark horst “a.e. + e.l.” vine charcoal on paper. 30” x 22”

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